[Developer] Samsung Tizen TV 2.0 SDK has been Released and Available to Download

Samsung Tizen TV SDK 2.0 has been released today and is available for immediate download. Developers can now create / port apps to the Smart TV. #DevApp
Oct 28, 2015

Today, Samsung Tizen TV SDK 2.0 has been released and is immediately available to download. By using the SDK, developers get the tools they need to begin developing Tizen TV apps. The tool set includes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a light-weight TV Simulator for testing web apps, and a TV Emulator.

Main Changes

The Samsung Tizen TV SDK 2.0 has been integrated as an extension to the Tizen official SDK. You need to install the Tizen web app development environment using Tizen web IDE installer and install Samsung Tizen TV SDK 2.0 using update-manager tool of Tizen SDK.

Please refer to the following guides for further Inforamtion:


■ New & Changed Features

  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
    • Caph 3.0 development environment.
    • NaCl development environment.
    • Samsung TV Emulator
      • Multi HDS(Host Direct Sharing)
      • USB Event Injector

    Tizen TV Emulator Limitations

    • Web API : Following web APIs do not work in the Emulator.
      • tizen.tvaudiocontrol.getOutputMode
      • Secure Websocket
        • Unsupported Devices and features
          • Camera device
          • Smart interaction (Gesture, Voice)
          • 3D
          • Bluetooth
          • SSO(Single Sign On)
          • UHD resolution


        Please refer to the Samsung Developer Forum Page for further Information on prerequisites, system requirements, and known issues.


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