First pictures of VLC running on Tizen, Coming Soon to the Tizen Store

VLC, the versatile open source and cross platform media player, and it is coming very soon to the tizen store. To confirm Samsung Z1 and Samsung Z3 support
Oct 30, 2015

Update: The App is releasing for the Samsung Z1 and Samsung Z3 Smartphones

VLC is a cross platform open source media player that is created by the VideoLAN Project. It supports many different audio and video compression methods and file formats and Is regarded as one of the best and most versatile media players out there.

We have been aware that the Tizen port of VLC has been worked on over the last few months, possibly longer, and now it looks like we are nearing the official release. According to a tweet by Ludovic Fauvet, part of the team developing VLC, the app should arrive very soon on the Tizen Store.

It is unknown at this point if both released Tizen Smartphones, Samsung Z1 and Samsung Z3, will be supported at launch. Below are the first pictures of the VLC app running on Tizen, showing a video section and also audio that is split into Artists, Albums and Songs:

I use VLC on a daily basis on my MAC and I really look forward to seeing the official release. Keep following Tizen Experts for all your Tizen news.


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