First Samsung Z3 Firmware Now Available to Download - Z300HDDU0AOJ4

First software / firmware files for Samsung Z3 is now available online for you to download and flash to your smartphone. Not for TM1 dev reference device
Oct 16, 2015

With the recent launch of the Samsung Z3 we were expecting to see the associated firmware make its way onto the Internet, but we didn't expect it the NEXT DAY !!! Firmware Z300HDDU0AOJ4 is now available online for you to download. If you are Interested in the platform you might see some Interesting things in the files.

We have heard of one of our readers having issues after trying to update his Samsung TM1 developer reference device with this firmware. Will be Interesting to see what the potential issue / fix is ???

Make Samsung
Model SM-Z300H
Firmware Version 2.4.0
Country India
Product Code INS
Build date N/A



You can download the update file and follow the flashing instructions.

Manual Check

If you do not get automatically prompted to update your firmware, you can manually check by using the steps below:

  • Select Settings
  • Select About Device
  • Select Software Update
  • Select Check for updates


The Z3 is not available to purchase in India at the moment, but will be released on 21 October.

Disclaimer: Updating your firmware is totally at your own risk and you need to understand that it you do run the risk of 'bricking' your device. If you do not understand what this means then STOP!

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