Samsung are looking for end user testers for the Samsung Z3, and to help shape Tizen

Samsung are looking for end user volunteers to help with user testing and to help evolve the Tizen OS. Do you fit the bill? Apply at the Tizen Forum now.
Oct 21, 2015

The Samsung Z3 has launched now and also a very Interesting Opportunity. How would you like to join in with user testing for the companies latest products and concepts? Well Samsung are looking for end user volunteers to help user testing and help evolve Tizen.


"We would like end users to provide feedback and help us in user behaviour study.
As you may understand we require a diverse demography of volunteers from Tizen Community"


If you think you fit the bill and are based in India, then please apply at the Tizen Forum.

Samsung Z3 Features

  • 5 Inch HD Super AMOLED Screen
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8MP Rear camera
  • 5MP Front camera with 120 degrees selfie support
  • 8 GB Storage, with external microSD card support
  • Dual SIM
  • 2600 mAh Battery
  • Tizen 2.4 OS
  • 14 Regional Language support


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