Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch coming to India in November

The Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch will be on sale in India in November according to sources close to IBN Live. Samsung wanted to release the Z3 before the S2.
Oct 20, 2015

The Samsung Gear S2 is selling well in the US where you can get it from Best Buy, Macy's and Samsung Online. US Carrier's T-Mobile and Verizon have also announced release dates for the device. Now, according to sources close to IBN Live, Samsung are looking at launching the Gear S2 smartwatch in India in November. Apparently the Korean company wanted to get the launch of the Samsung Z3 out of the way before focusing on the S2.

The Gear S2 features a 1.2-inch round display with a resolution of 360x360 pixels, 1 GHz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM and includes a wireless charger in the box. Samsung boasts the ability to last for 2-3 days off a single charge but we haven't been able to verify that yet. As part of the User Interface / eXperience, it has a hardware bezel that allows you to navigate menus and selections simply by rotating it, its feels natural and Intuitive. Check out our hands-on video for further details.


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