Samsung Glass to have Augumented Reality Features Far Beyond the Capabilities of Google Glass

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Samsung has filed it's own patents relating to it's augmented reality product Samsung Glass (Gear Glass)
Oct 10, 2015

Samsung has applied to patent a 3D image technology that is years ahead of the capabilities Google Glass, it's main competitor, as users will be able to Interact with 3D images shown on the glasses mid-air and be able to do such things as dial phone numbers, send SMS text messages and even play a virtual piano keyboard.


Samsung has filed numerous patents, that have been approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office, relating to its own augmented reality product referred to as Samsung Glass, but could be called Gear Glass at launch. This device should be running Tizen but this has not been formally confirmed by Samsung at present.

Interacting with 3D images in mid-air


According to one of the patent applications, the device will have two cameras in the glasses that will enable it to project a three-dimensional image to create a virtual input interface. This now gives users a visual way of Interacting with their device with the ability to visualise apps and menus.



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