Samsung talks business wearables and Enterprise Solutions at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Samsung demonstrates Tizen Gear S2 business wearables and talks about SEAP (Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program) at Oracle OpenWorld 2015
Bob Summerwill
Oct 23, 2015

Wearables are red hot and Samsung are at the tip of the spear with the Gear S2.   What some people may not appreciate yet, though, is the role which wearables can play for businesses, as well as their more obvious leisure and consumer purposes, such as health-tracking, notifications, etc.
"Wearables are the next generation of innovation in business, and Samsung will highlight several use cases of wearables at Oracle OpenWorld. Australian business solutions provider Rinami built a field asset management tool specifically designed to work with wearables, which will be demoed on the Samsung Gear S2. Australian Agricultural Company, one of the largest producers of wagyu beef, worked with Rinami to create a wearable app that improved livestock management. Instead of carrying cumbersome laptops and field notebooks, ranchers are able to collect data, interpret in the field and make actionable decisions through their mobile device app for dramatic increases in production."

Samsung will be showcasing business use-cases for wearables at Oracle OpenWorld 2015, which is being held in the Moscone Centre in San Francisco, starting this Sunday night (October 25th), and running from Monday to Thursday of next week.   There will be live demos and guided tours at Booth 1221 and the Mobile Showcase in Moscone South.

Samsung will also be talking about SEAP (Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program), which is Samsung's program for enterprise developers, who are often building B2B (business-to-business) products rather than B2C (business-to-customers) products.

There is a SEAP for Developers portal which talks in more detail about offerings for developers.

The vast majority of that program is still Android-oriented, with the exception of the "so new that you cannot even download it yet!" KNOX Tizen Standard SDK 🙂    This new SDK is exclusive to the Samsung Z3 for the time being, but will presumably be an option for all future Tizen devices.   It supports a large subset of the KNOX API for Android.

There is more information available at Introduction to Samsung KNOX Tizen.    There was a presentation on KNOX for Tizen at the Tizen Developer Conference, but the notes and video from that presentation are not publicly available yet.

Do you live in New York?   If so, you could attend the SEAP Meetup which is happening at the Samsung Accelerator Offices on Wednesday November 4th.   There are further SEAP events scheduled elsewhere, so keep your eyes open for future events near you.

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