Samsung Z3 handsets showing up on

Samsung Z3 handsets are now available outside of India via resellers on They cost from $200 upwards, and about $25 for expedited shipping.
Bob Summerwill
Oct 25, 2015


Are you hungry to get your hands on a Samsung Z3 but don't live in India?


It is your lucky day, because handsets are starting to appear for resale on  This is happening only 4 days after the Z3 was released for online sale in India, exclusively on   Snapdeal only ships to addresses in India.   The resellers will ship to anywhere in the world.   For a price 🙂

At the time of writing there are four different resellers offering Z3 handsets in black, silver and gold from $200 USD upwards, with $25 USD expedited shipping to North America appearing to be par-for-the-course.  In total those resellers have 39 handsets available, with 13 of those already sold.

Will I be buying one?   You know it.   Perhaps I just bought one right now while typing out this article.  Perhaps it was a Gold one.   Make that 14 already sold!

Photos and videos to come as soon as it arrives here in Canada.


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