Samsung Z3 to be Launched in Moscow, Russia tomorrow?

Sources claim that the Samsung Z3 smartphone is scheduled to be revealed at the Samsung Electronics Enterprise Mobility Forum in Moscow, Russia 15 October.
Oct 14, 2015

The Samsung Z3 is scheduled to be revealed tomorrow in Russia, October 15. A new Samsung smartphone is expected to be launched at Samsung Electronics Enterprise Mobility Forum in Moscow, Russia and according to some sources, the Samsung Z3 is the device.

The Z3 was launched in India earlier today and the 'next day' launch in Russia will be seen as a major boost and expansion of the Tizen ecosystem. We expect the Z3 to be offered in the same countries that the Samsung Z1: India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, but expect it to be offered addiitonally in Europe and the middle east.

There is also work on a Russian government Tizen Smartphone that is expected to be revealed by the end of this year, and will allow the country to distance itself from Google's Android and Apples iOS Operating Systems.

Another Interesting fact is that Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong is know to be actually using the Z3 ... so now you know.

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