Yesterday, the Samsung Z3 Smartphone (SM-Z300F) was Launched at the Samsung Electronics Enterprise Mobility Forum in Moscow, Russia. This was a special Business to Business (B2B) event and represents the first ‘in-roads’ into the corporate Russian market for Tizen.

Security is a key selling feature for Tizen, and the platform is now certified for usage in the Russian Government and also corporate sectors, according to people close to the matter. We have previously reported on the certification process which was hoping to yeild some results by the end of this year. This is the first example of such certification in Russia (for mobile devices), and the solution will be pushed out to corporate clients near the end of this year. The Samsung Z3 Smartphone will be the target hardware with the Tizen platform and relevant certified apps installed, with the exception of the Tizen Store.

Many Russian partners are also working on security software, VPN etc, to be also certified and pre-installed on the device over the coming months. Samsung are expecting to ship between 10-20k units this year, with the figure rising to about approx 200-300k next year.