Tizen Phone Tips & Tricks and Secret Codes

Here is a pretty cool collection of Tips & Tricks, and Secret Codes for your Tizen Smartphone. Try these on your Samsung Z1 and see what fun can be had.
Oct 2, 2015

Here is a pretty cool collection of Tips & Tricks, Short-Cut Keys, and Secret Codes for your Tizen Smartphone, courtesy of the guys over at Best Tizen Apps. There are also some hidden codes, which are meant for the more technical of you or developers, so if you don't quite understand what they are about or the potential problems that they could cause then best to leave them alone.


Short Cut Keys

  • Screenshot – Home Keys + Power Key ( Press Simultaneously)
  • Close All Open Application – Long Press Home Key
  • Launch Camera ( Quick Launch) – Press Home Key twice ( can bet Set-up in camera settings)
  • Boot Mode ( Odin Mode) – Long press Power Key + Home Key + Volume Key (-)


Hidden Codes

  • Developer Option – Phone Dialer dial *#84936#
  • See Version Info – *#1234#
  • IMEI(MEID) and SIN – *#06#
  • MODEM Test Mode – #1111#
  • Check Battery Status – *#0228#
  • Service Mode – *#0011#
  • Check All Hardware ( Sensor, speaker, Echo Test, Camera) – *#0*#
  • USB Config – *#0808#


Other Important Features

  • Clean Storage Cache & RAM – Go to settings, select storage and RAM, then select clear
  • Change Keyboard Style – Go to Settings, Select Style, Go to-> Others, Select Keyboard Style
  • Save Space on Tizen phone – Move Apps to SD-Card. Go to Settings – Apps -> Select App Manager -> Select the app you want to move to SD Card – Select “ Move to SD Card”
  • Locate or Find / Ring your lost device – Go to Settings, Select Lock screen and Security, Go to Find My Mobile -> Configure your settings. To find your phone or ring it, go online at “ findmy
  • Send SOS Messages to a Specific Contact ( Help Mode) – Press Power Key Quickly 3 times ( set in Privacy & Security Settings)

It has to be noted that some of the above codes might only work with the latest firmware or a particular Tizen handset. Have fun exploring and please let us know how you get on 🙂

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