Video - Samsung Z3 Unboxing Video for our Indian Readers, in Hindi

A unboxing video for our Indian readers as it is in Hindi and will cater well for smartphone users that want to learn more about the Samsung Z3 in their own native language.
Oct 31, 2015

The Samsung Z3 has been released in only one country at the moment, India, although we do expect it to be distributed to more markets in the coming months. We do tend to favour English speaking content on Tizen Experts, but once I saw the unboxing video from Mahesh Telecom I knew many of our Indian readers would appreciate this Introduction to the Samsung Z3 and also the Tizen Operating System.

We see Mahesh unboxing the smartphone and also he mentions what he likes about the device, the fluid User Interface and the fact that there is no lag at be found anywhere!!!



The Z3 is the second Tizen smartphone, the Samsung Z1 that has sold over 1 million units being the first, and improves in terms of OS, Processor, Memory and Screen size. Hopefully it will come to a more markets soon 😉

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