Application: StayFit - StepCounter, CalorieTracker and More for Samsung Z1 / Z3

StayFit is an activity monitoring app for the Samsung Z1 / Z3 tizen smartphones. Get active, fit and healthy with this fitness app.
Nov 16, 2015

Being fit is more Important now than ever before. Rather than taking a brisk walk to the newsagents, now we take the car everywhere and physical exhursion is chore and not a pleasure. The microwave society is now suffering more obesity and cardiovascular disorders than ever before.

In order to get fitter you are advised to not stay inactive for more than an hour continuously, or else it can lead to various health problems. If you were to count the number of steps you take everyday, keeping track of time spent in active state and measuring calories burnt over the day can help users to improve their fitness and overall health. This is where StayFit is a useful utility.

Benefits to ‘StayFit’ users

  • Classification of daily activities into active and inactive state
  • Get track of number of steps taken (step count) over the day
  • Calorie burnt estimation based on personal profile and step count information
  • Hourly and daily summary charts on activity and calories spent
  • Unobtrusive way to check progress towards meeting daily fitness goals. The goals could be on step counts, calorie burnt, and lifestyle change.
  • Simple Health oriented recommendations to keep users motivated towards a healthy lifestyle




StayFit is available for FREE to download from the Tizen Store now.

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