This is an Interesting game that is available for the Samsung Z1 and Z3 Smartphones, Elemental Wars Online, a Fantasy tactical game which requires a bit of mental power. This is a Role Playing Game (RPG) which has characters, spells, and learning. “Beautiful graphics and atmospheric music will guide you deep into the world of Toleanor, ancient land surrounded by the Sea of Tentacles. Choose your character and your Element! Stand against other opponents and prove that you are the best!”

Game will require some learning, as each battle is a challenge of minds. You should think at every turn, don’t expect easy walk gameplay.

Game Highlights

  • Online Battles
  • Unique Gameplay
  • Easy to learn, but hard to master magical system
  • Online Top-100 Leaderboard
  • High quality graphics and special effects
  • You will draw spells right on your phone screen