Major Samsung Camera Announcement Expected at CES 2016

A REport claims that Samsung will have a major camera announcement at CES 2016 that will update everyone to the fate of their Smart Camera  #Photography
Nov 30, 2015

There have been loads of rumours going around regarding the fate of the Samsung's Camera Department. Now, according to a report, Samsung will make a major statement at CES 2016 which will also apparently include one major surprise! There are reports on Samsung wanting to close down the whole department and moving employees to other camera related departments, such as smartphones. This should bode well for next years flagship devices such as the Samsung S7 and Note 6 etc. but it is uncertain what this announcement could be.

The Samsung hybrid ASP-C sensor has been well received by photography critics, but it seems the squeeze between Compact System Cameras (CSC) and Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Cameras have narrowed the market for the Samsung NX cameras.

There have been tell tale signs:

  • Some retailers have withdrawn selling the device
  • Samsung has not updated thier Smart Camera website for coming up to a year now
  • Samsung has also stopped providing firmware updates for their NX Cameras

CES 2016 isn't far off now, lets see what happens.

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