Move over FireFox OS and BlackBerry, Tizen is now the Fourth Largest Smartphone OS in Q3 2015

The Tizen Operating system has overtaken Firefox OS and also Blackberry to become the fourth largest smartphone OS in Q3 2015.
Nov 5, 2015


Tizen - No.4 Smartphone OS

Earlier this year, Tizen overtook the Firefox Operating System (OS) and became the world's No.5 Smartphone OS in Q2 2015. That was an Important step for the Linux based OS to gain wider recognition. Now, according to a published report, Tizen has overtaken Blackberry to become the Fourth largest OS shipping in Q3 2015. Android saw a slight Increase in market share whilst Apple gained momentum with their new iPhone models and Microsoft, Blackberry and firefox all drilled down.



As the Samsung Z3 only went on-sale on 21 October, exclusively through Indian online retailer snapdeal, it will be Interesting to see the sales figures for it and the Samsung Z1 through Q4 2015. We are still hoping to see the Samsung Z3 to go on-sale in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka in the coming months, and also see it being sold in parts of Europe in 2016.

Last year the Samsung Z was supposed to be launched in Russia, but didn't due to Samsung feeling the ecosystem was not strong enough. The new strategy of slowly launching Tizen in emerging markets may of paid off, so far, but we need Samsung Mobile to take it's new golden child and run with it. All Samsung Smartphone apps need to be ported to Tizen and more attention paid to getting the big apps onto our platform.

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