Samsung ARTIK Hardware Platform to Begin Mass Production in 2016

Samsung will begin mass production of the ARTIK hardware platform in early 2016, shipping with Ubuntu and Fedora. Tizen should be released later on
Nov 26, 2015

Samsung Electronics is looking to begin mass production of the ARTIK hardware platform in early 2016, according to Korean sources. The platform is currently being shipped in its Beta form to developers as part of the Makers Against Drought Challenge, and will later be sold to developers and manufacturers as an Internet of Things (IoT) solution.


In early 2016, the only estimate available at the moment, we should see ARTIK entering into its mass production cycle. It is also hoped that we could also see wearable and IOT products shipped based on the platform as well, having the effect of bolstering the ecosystem. Currently Tizen 3.0 is being developed for the ARTIK dev boards but no official release dates, but it is anticipated that it will be after the main launch of the ARTIK boards themselves. At the moment ARTIK supports Ubuntu, Fedora and Tizen.

Below is a demo showing the Tizen TV 3.0 Platform running on the Artik 5 and 10 Development boards. The Artik 1 dev board has the nucleus OS running on it at the moment, but there is ongoing development work going on to get Tizen running on it.

Tizen on ARTIK 5 & 10 Demo

Video - What is ARTIK?

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