Samsung Sells 180,000 Gear S2 Devices in 8 hours in China

The Gear S2 is making waves in China as it sold 180,000 units in only 8 hours when it went on sale in China. The Apple iWatch has competition from Tizen.
Nov 4, 2015

The Samsung gear S2 has making its global rollout and being well received, with over 2,000 smartwatches being sold a day in Korea. Now the S2 has been released in China and is reported to have sold over 180,000 units in only eight hours.

The majority of sales from Online retailer Jingdong Mall (京东 商城) or based in Beijing. Many retailers also complained of a shortage of supply because of the high consumer demand. The Samsung Gear S2 was sold for 2198 yuan ($350), and the S2 Gear Classic was sold for 2398 yuan (£390).


According to the research firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung Gear S2 will allow Samsung to be able to compete with Apple Watch in the fourth quarter of 2015.

"Apple and Samsung together to collect 8 of 10 for all smartwatch transmitted globally. Samsung remained in the second position from Apple, but the new range of models Gear S2 is being heavily promoted will allow Samsung to bounce back with a stronger market share during Q4 2015 in the upcoming holiday season, " said Rajeev Nair, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics.

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