Samsung is Developing a Tizen Flagship SmartPhone for 2016?

Samsung could be looking at launching a premier Tizen flagship smartphone in 2016, that is according to a new report from Samsung Vietnam.
Nov 17, 2015

It looks like Samsung could be getting ready to launch what could be considered a Tizen Flagship device next year according to a report from Samsung Vietnam. After becoming the fourth largest shipping OS in Q3 2015 Samsung could be looking at adding a high-end Smartphone to its Tizen line up in 2016.

Sources have also been told the Tizen premium smartphone will have a new user interface / user experience, and will provide users with many useful functions, and Samsung will also focus on expanding the Tizen ecosystem. At the moment Samsung are giving 100% revenue share back to developers so this is a great incentive for small software houses / Indie developers.

Major software titles such as: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp etc are slowly making their way to the Tizen Store, but we need a lot more 🙂 Are you Interested in a high spec Tizen Smartphone? Let us know in the comments.

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10 comments on “Samsung is Developing a Tizen Flagship SmartPhone for 2016?”

  1. I think I will be sticking with a Google Android, as I love Google Services and the Play Store, Tizen doesn't have any of those advantages and thus cannot suit my use case. However saying that, Samsung should give consumers options if Tizen is something that people would be able to use and want to buy...By all means offer it.

    1. it has other advanteges like the security and transparency in what is actually running etc. In android you just have to accept what every app or its update wants you to.

      1. Android Marshallow permissions are granular, allowing you to revoke or grant permissions on a per app basis. Though for the time being you either accept updates or just uninstall the app which is adding permissions you do not agree with.

  2. with a screen size of below 5" i would definitely go and buy this phone. otherwise i hope someone will make the move and ports tizen to sony z5 (compact).

    1. i would love a port for Sony Z1 compact... totally agreed - below 5" 720p (for less stress on cpu and battery, its enough resolution), 2gigs of ram and IP67 waterproof... then i will buy it. Has to be better than my Xperia Z1 Compact.

  3. I request you to make a light weight version of Tizen for non touch screen phones and candy bar phones. My father and mother use non touch screen phones, but there no good non touch screen phones available now with message apps like whatsapp, facebook messenger, telegram messenger etc.

  4. I have been using Tizen phone, Samsung Z1 since April 2015. I am waiting for the tizen version of Xender, Telegram Messenger, Line Chat, We Chat, Hike, IMO and native version of Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Twitter.


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