Samsung Z3 gets second software / firmware update in India - Z300HODD0AOK1

A firmware / software Over the Air (OTA) update is available for the Samsung Z3 in India, taking youto verison Z300HODD0AOK1.
Nov 6, 2015

The Samsung Z3 has received another software / firmware update, taking it to version Z300HODD0AOK1. We have previously seen some beta users sporting this version and were hoping it would drop soon. The Over the Air update (OTA) is only 16.4 MB and it took quite a few connection attempts to get the download going as I presume there is high demand on the servers to download at the moment.

Like the Z1 before it, the Samsung Z3 should receive frequent firmware updates, one of the spoils of having direct access to the Operating System (OS) code, which is unlike Android for instance. There is also a firmware file available to download which is 628.3 MB.


Make Samsung
Model SM-Z300H
Firmware Version
Country India
Product Code INS
Build date N/A



You can download the update file and follow the flashing instructions.

Manual Check

If you do not get automatically prompted to update your firmware, you can manually check by using the steps below:

  • Select Settings
  • Select About Device
  • Select Software Update
  • Select Check for updates


Disclaimer: Updating your firmware is totally at your own risk and you need to understand that it you do run the risk of 'bricking' your device. If you do not understand what this means then STOP!

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