Exclusive: Tizen Smartphone Coming to 11 European Countries Including UK, France, Germany and Russia

Exclusive News: The 4G Samsung Z3 is coming to europe : UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Kazakhstan.
Nov 2, 2015

The Samsung Z3, the companies second Tizen smartphone, has been released In India and will be coming to Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka soon. Previously we reported on the Z3 coming to Europe and today, according to Insiders, there are 11 European countries that the Z3 is currently being tested for launch in.

The updated list Includes: UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Kazakhstan.

There is no news about the actual launch dates at the moment, but I doubt if we'll see any of the target countries getting the device before Christmas, as a Tizen Smartphone is not well placed for the holiday season at the moment. The Z3 is seen as a mid-range smartphone that is better suited for the needs of European customers opposed to the Samsung Z1 which offers less specifications with a lower price point. We will see the launch of the 4G variant of the Z3, the SM-Z300F, in these countries opposed to the 3G SM-Z300H that is currently available in the market.

We are still waiting for the Samsung Z1 to be launched in Indonesia and Malaysia, and hopefully we could see this launch in the coming months. Keep following Tizen Experts for all the Tizen Information.


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