T-Money and Cashbee Payment Apps Now Available for Gear S2 in Korea

Nov 18, 2015

We have the seen the the Gear S2 go on sale in the US, UK, South Korea, China, and some European countries. Behind the scenes Samsung is working hard with its Partners in an effort to bring more major apps to the Tizen Smartwatch platform. Two of the latest apps to become available on the Tizen Store are T-Money and Cashbee.


You will need to Install the app on your Gear S2 and also the companion app on your Samsung Galaxy device from either the Play Store or from Samsung Galaxy Apps. These two are popular payment apps in Seoul, Korea. In order to pay you need to launch the app and then place your S2 near the reader and that's it, the payment will be taken.

The apps can be used for a variety of things like paying for the bus, subway, cabs, and even for parking lot fees. There are also some convenience stores that will accept these cards as payment.


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