Tizen App Challenge 2015 Launched in India

Tizen Developer Challenge launched for application / game devs in India. Port your new or existing Android / Unity apps to the Tizen mobile platform to win
Nov 25, 2015


India Tizen App Challenge

A Tizen Developer Challenge has just been launched for application / game devs (Including students) based in India, submit your apps and start winning PRIZES. In order to qualify you need to create a new app or port your existing Android app to the Tizen mobile platform, and submit them to the Tizen Store. You are able to submit as many apps as you like 🙂


Prizes to be Won

In return for your hard work in submitting your apps to the Tizen Store you could be eligible for some prizes:

  • Large Screen Full HD Samsung Smart TVs
  • Samsung Smartphones
  • Samsung Gear
  • Shopping Vouchers & More!



Special Unity Category

If your a Unity Game developer then their is a special opportunity just for you! If you build a new game or port an existing one to the Tizen mobile platform you get special rewards:

  • Every approved Unity game gets Shopping Vouchers worth Rs.5000
  • Top two Unity games stand to win Samsung Curved LED TVs



How to Participate

  1. Register yourself for the Tizen Mini App challenge.
  2. Create your App or Port your Android App.
  3. Submit your App on the Tizen Store.
  4. Come back to and Login with your Email ID and Password.
  5. Submit your App details.
  6. Wait for the Results ( or work on more apps!)


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