S-File Manager is a fully featured file manager that is compatible with the Samsung Z3 Tizen Smartphone. The app features a friendly user Interface with all the file functions that you might need. which uses a fresh UI design and user friendly functions. You can search for files in the mobile storage locations, and also for particular types of files (pics, music, video, etc.). You can also be very specific on the type of file searches, so finding the exact file shouldn’t take too long to do.

There is also cloud services Integration that allows you to move items between local and cloud storage. One killer feature as part of cloud storage is the ability to copy from one cloud service to another, without the need of first downloading it locally, such an un-needed step.

Main features

  • Phone storage / SD Card Files Browsing
  • Copy / paste from directory to directory
  • Move option
  • Filter same type of file
  • Cloud services
  • Copy / paste in G Drive
  • Zip / Unzip
  • Thumbnail and grid view
  • Bookmarks
  • Settings Functionality
  • Responsive UI Design