Samsung Gear S2 Gets the Official KLM Flight App

The Samsung Gear S2 has just got the KLM flight app added to its catalogue in the Tizen Store, accessible via the Gear Manager app.
Dec 13, 2015

When the Gear S2 first launched, one of the apps that Samsung showed off was the KLM Flight app which unfortunately was not available when it came to release day. Well, now the app has been released on the Tizen Store and can be accessed using the Gear Manager app on your compatible handset.

The app has some useful features for some of us that spend a fair bit of time in the sky. You can check your Flight status, Fying blue points (loyalty miles), flight time remaining, Display boarding pass, and Flight gate details. Exactly the type of things us travellers need.

The Tizen Store is still expanding its app catalogue and this is these types of apps are eaxctly what we need.


Do you fly KLM and do you find the app useful ? Let us know in the comments.

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