China to get Samsung Pay due to China UnionPay

Dec 23, 2015

Samsung Electronics have announced a collaboration with China UnionPay to bring the Samsung Pay service to China. Consumers with Samsung mobile phones and UnionPay cards will be able to use their devices for mobile payments.

Injong Rhee, Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics said, “With technological innovation, Samsung Pay expands the usage of mobile payments. It simplifies the procedure for better user experience, and adopts multi-layered protection to ensure security, allowing easier and safer mobile payment experiences. The collaboration with China UnionPay, coupled with the support from major UnionPay partner banks in China, will bring this secure and easy-to-use mobile payment solution to more Samsung mobile users.”

Chai Hongfeng, Executive Vice President of China UnionPay, said: “With the rapid development of the mobile payment industry, China UnionPay is committed to open cooperation with other parties in the industry to provide more secure and more convenient products and services for consumers. This cooperation between China UnionPay and Samsung will combine the strengths of the former in payment and the expertise of the latter in mobile terminals to jointly create brand new mobile payment experience for consumers, and to further expand the user base of UnionPay QuickPass brand. ”

UnionPay cardholders can benefit from the services simplicity of use, wide coverage, high security. In order to make a payment, you only need to swipe up and the proceed to scan and pay. You will be able to use Point of Sale (POS) terminals in China, including QuickPass-enabled NFC POS terminals. Gear S2 smartwatch compatibility as not been explicitly mentioned at the moment, but the S2 does support NFC payments in this manner.

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