Christmas Tizen Wallpapers

We know our readers all over the world are getting ready to celebrate christmas that is starting in a few days time. Well here are some specially crafted wallpapers / backgrounds to get your Samsung Galaxy Gear / Gear 2 / Gear Neo / Gear S / Gear S2 / Z1 / Z3 / TM1, and your devices can be part of the festivities.

Download instructions

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Wallpaper Galleries


Samsung TM1/ Z3

[AFG_gallery id=’160′]

Samsung Z1 Gallery

[AFG_gallery id=’161′]

Samsung Gear S Gallery

[AFG_gallery id=’162′]

Samsung Gear S2 Gallery

[AFG_gallery id=’163′]

Samsung Gear 2 / Neo / Galaxy Gear Gallery

[AFG_gallery id=’164′]

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