Nikon to Buy Samsung NX Mirrorless Tech!

Rumour is that Samsung are selling their Smart camera NX technology to Nikon, and will support them with sensors
Dec 4, 2015

We have already reported on Samsung quitting sales of its NX Camera business in the UK. Now comes a rumour that is apparently from trusted sources close to, so it might be worth listening to. Nikon is rumoured to be acquiring Samsung NX tech and will be launching a new professional mirrorless system, due to be announced at CES 2016!


Samsung NX1 Photography 3

Image captured by the Samsung NX1


That is a lot to take in. Samsung has been struggling to find their footing in the Top end of the CSC market, whilst still encroaching onto DSLR land. The tech taken over by Nikon would be the Samsung sensor tech, video tech and processor engine. There is no news if Nikon will use the current Samsung NX mount, but with Nikon offering its own quality lenses I would think that is highly unlikely.

It is thought this will be a partnership with Nikon to use Samsung sensors, but the is no news if the Tizen Camera Profile that Samsung use will also be passed along and developed by a Nikon / Samsung partnership. This all points to bad news for Samsung NX1 & NX500 owners as they will unlikely receive any further firmware updates.

Remember, confirmation is most likely at CES 2016.

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One comment on “Nikon to Buy Samsung NX Mirrorless Tech!”

  1. All these news scared me about Samsung And his customers. I don't think i'm going to buy Samsung product un future. If Samsung continu un this way, they probably lost customers confidence. They lost mine anyway


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