Samsung Pay for Gear S2 Now Delayed to 2016

Samsung Gear S2 was launched with support of NFC for mobile payments with the Samsung Pay app, which was supposed to launch in Nov 2015,but has been delayed
Dec 9, 2015

Samsung Gear S2 is a special bit of kit, with an innovative rotating bezel, great display, and of course Tizen under the hood. It also supports Near Field Communication (NFC) that enables it to communicate directly with devices that are close by.

When the Gear S2 launched one of the killer features we were looking forward to was the ability to pay using Samsung Pay, the companies own mobile payment solution that competes against Android Pay and Apple Pay. The S2 was released without Samsung Pay support, which was a little annoying, but we were promised the Gear S2 app would be released in November 2015, but that did not materialise.

Now, according to a Tweet from Samsung Mobile US, the company confirms that there is a delay and now be available in 2016, no exact date was given or even a hint at which quarter in 2016 we are looking at.



We hope Samsung does release more definite dates soon and the Samsung Pay support comes sooner than later to the S2.

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