Samsung Gear S2 Receiving Software Update for Greater Battery Life - R730TUVU1AOL3

Samsung Gear S2 is getting a new software / firmware update R730TUVU1AOL3 and it promises greater battery life.  #smartwatch #tizen #linux
Dec 29, 2015

Watches have evolved over the last few years. Yes, they still tell the time and possibly the date if you are that lucky, but now we expect so much more from them as we enter the world of the smart watch. We want the time, weather, notifications, apps, and anything else that is possible.

Samsung are shipping the Tizen based Gear S2 and it has some great features that Android wear users can not compete against. One of the killer features is battery life, as the device can last between 2 - 3 days on a single charge. Well this killer feature is about to get a little more killer as there is a new software / firmware update doing the rounds. Update R730TUVU1AOL3 is only 4.85 MB and promises greater battery life to a device with great battery life already !!!

The update can be Installed via the Gear Manager App but you do need to make sure you are running the latest version. You should get a notification to update, but if not then do the following to manually check:

Manually Check

  • Launch Gear Manager App
  • Select Settings
  • Select About Gear
  • Select Update Gear Software
  • Select Update now


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7 comments on “Samsung Gear S2 Receiving Software Update for Greater Battery Life - R730TUVU1AOL3”

  1. I am still not getting the update .. My gear S2 is version is R732XXU2BOKK. What may the reason why I am not getting the update .. Language ?? Region ??
    Thanks in advabce


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