Video: Samsung Pay, Its Security and How it Keeps Your Information Safe

Samsung Pay, mportant Information about Samsung’s most advanced security features such as tokenisation, secure code with Samsung KNOX built in
Dec 14, 2015

We live in an age where data is important, its integrity, security, and also how it is used in mobile payment solutions. Samsung Pay is built with Samsung's most advanced security features such as tokenisation, secure code with Samsung KNOX built in. If you're not quite sure how it all works, then there is no need to worry as Samsung have released a set of videos to explain the ins and out of mobile payments to you. Learn how to setup your device as a consumer and also what it means to merchants with traditional swipe and new tap terminals.


Samsung Pay: Set Up Setting up Samsung Pay on your Galaxy device is simple and only takes a few minutes.


Samsung Pay: Security Nothing is more important than keeping payment information safe. That’s why Samsung Pay was built with our most advanced security features.


Samsung Pay: For Merchants Easy for you and your customers. Samsung Pay works at just about every reader, new or old, so there’s no new equipment required.


Samsung Pay: Coverage Samsung Pay works almost anywhere you can swipe or tap your card. Using NFC and MST technology, you can now shop like you always do and pay in a whole new way.


Samsung Pay: Checkout Samsung Pay makes checkout easier than ever with three easy steps. Swipe. Secure. Pay.



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