Developer: Tizen TV will support Accessibility Toolkit (ATK) on Samsung 2016 TVs

Samsung Tizen TV offers developers a great platform to create new and Interactive apps and games. It now supports the Accessibility Toolkit & Text to Speech
Dec 15, 2015

Samsung Tizen TV offers developers a great platform to create new and Interactive apps and games, breaking away from the shackles of only developing for Android & iOS. We have some Interesting news as the Accessibility ToolKit (ATK) will now be supported on the upcoming 2016 Samsung TV Line up, Including Text-to-Speech (TTS). This is a feature that is recommended by Samsung, but is not mandatory for you to pass Samsung QA. There is no news at the moment if ATK it will be brought to other Samsung TV ranges.


What you need to know?

  • In order to add accessibility to your application, refer to the following page.
  • If you decide not to support TTS, you should be cautious about using HTML elements. Unexpected HTML elements can be misread by the Samsung TTS engine, and will be flagged in Samsung QA.
  • To disable TTS in HTML element, you can use aria-hidden='true' attribute. Further Information can be found here.

Good luck and happy developing for Tizen TV 🙂

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