Game: Floppy Bird and Flying Bird adventure Games for Samsung Z1 / Z3 in Tizen Store

Dec 11, 2015


Flappy Bird

Floppy Bird is new game in the Tizen Store, which promises to be both fun and highly addictive! Tap your finger on the screen to navigate the bird and avoid the pillars. Fly through the sky like a bird and beat your own highscore! The game says it's suitable for all ages, but I don't think my 4 year old will be able to play it, Lol. The game measures in at only 3.5 MB.


Flying Bird

Flying Bird is a side scrolling mobile game featuring 2D retro style graphics. The objective is to direct a flying bird, name Faby, who moves continuously to the right, between sets of Marrio like pipes or different other obstacles. If the player touches the pipes/obstacle, they lose. Faby briefly flaps upwards each time the player taps the screen. If the screen is not tapped, Faby falls because of gravity. Each pair of pipes that he navigates between earns the player one single point, with medals awarded at the end of the game.

To add more fun, coins are also kept over the sky. If birds touch the coins the score increases. Along with obstacles there are two types of tortoise flying on the sky. If the bird touches that, it will lose its power.






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