Skimble's Workout Trainer Fitness Coach App arrives on the Gear S2

Skimble is a workout training fitness app for the Samsung Gear S2 that helps you monitor and get motivated for your upcoming workouts, alongside 15 million
Jan 14, 2016

A little motivation from others can make people do brave things. Now with a community of over 15 million people all sharing one mutual determination of staying fit by working out, that becomes a motivation on a whole new level. Skimble is a platform with that sort of a huge community.



Skimble has a huge library of free High Definition videos of workout exercises with demonstrations to help anyone from a complete beginner to a regular exerciser to get or stay fit. There is support for multiple platforms like Android, iOS and even PC. Samsung had partnered with the firm back in 2014 and had even preloaded Skimble's Workout Trainer app, on the flagship device of that time; the Galaxy S5. With wearables being a norm now, and the Gear S2 being applauded for being one of the better looking (and built) smartwatches of the current generations, Skimble's Workout Trainer for Samsung app has now been made compatible on it.



The Workout Trainer app will essentially work as a second screen on the Gear S2, giving the user option to play the videos right from the watch, have a quick look on the next step of an exercise in a timely manner and even the ability to control the workout regimen. The app also lets the user share their accomplishments on social media and even challenge friends and family to get into working out, helping maintaining an healthy lifestyle.

With all the required sensors like the gyroscope,heart rate monitor and even GPS (on the 3G variant) to work as a full fledged fitness tracker by measuring and monitoring movements, burnt calories and heartbeats, along with the motivational Skimble's Workout Training app, getting fit has been made much more simple thanks to the Gear S2.

The Skimble's WorkOut Training app even offers a six months free upgrade to the Pro account availing more features like a personal trainer to monitor your routine workout and gain valuable advice.

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