Samsung's CEO BK Yoon prioritizes the significance of IOT in consumer electronics

In a post CES 2016 Interview, BK Yoon, President & CEO of Samsung Electronics gave insights Samsung’s strategies in 2016, IOT, Consumer electronics, Tizen
Jan 13, 2016

In a recent interview post CES 2016, Las Vegas, BK Yoon, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics spoke with Samsung's Newsroom giving insights on Samsung's strategies further down the line in 2016, IOT, Consumer electronics and much more. Here we'll cover on some of the key points from the interview that gives some idea on what Samsung has in stock for the future.

Yoon hails IOT as a boon to the manufacturing sector more than it is to the consumers. With the advent of IOT, he describes manufacturers will have more reliable and useful data on user trends and needs that will act as an essential feedback system for improving factories, homes and the society. When it comes to home automation, Yoon sees a lot of potential in two of the major appliances that is common to every homes; The Television and Refrigerator. And describes that was the reason behind their disruptive new fridge that has a never heard of 21.5 inch large touchscreen tablet based on Tizen.

Yoon describes that the new Samsung Refrigerator will enable users to have an elevated level of experience by letting them communicate with family members, get the latest news, recipes and an entertainment hub for the kitchen (the fridge can play videos and music from the internet and even work as a bluetooth speaker). Apart from that, with more connected kitchen appliances, Yoon explains the smart fridge will improve the kitchen experience by giving the user, access to monitor cook-tops, ovens and control the cooking process remotely (via app on the smartphone).

Yoon also explained that the main attention in every living room, the Television will act as the IOT hub for every home. Their Tizen based SUHD TVs which were unveiled at CES 2016, have the potential to act as a monitoring unit for IP cameras, control and alter switches, lights and other Audio-Video devices. Yoon gave an insight on Samsung's plans for their TV business and explained that the quantum dot technology used on the new Televisions gives a much better color reproduction and improves the gamut by over 20%. He also stated that a more premium range of TVs will be on its way later this year giving more preference to the design aspects of the television and an improved UX which we believe will further polish Tizen to appeal to the user by simplifying content accessibility and experience.

Since their new Refrigerator, Television (and a few more products) are based on Tizen, Yoon says their products will be compatible with those from other manufacturers which is a key aspect in the growth of interconnected devices that IOT aims to achieve and will maintain an open platform strategy making it developer friendly.

With the rapid growth in connected devices and IOT, and a large chunk of user data and all the connected devices' data running on the cloud, it would have been interesting to know what Samsung has adapted for security of these devices preventing them from vulnerabilities and threats which until now had not been valued much for connected consumer related devices apart from phones. But sadly, the topic didn't come up in the interview.

To read the complete interview hit on the source, where Mr. Yoon talks about Samsung's business strategies and further more

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