Game: Castle Hunter Exciting Tizen Game for Samsung Z1 and Z3

Jan 21, 2016

Castle Hunter is a game developed by WITLS Games using the Unity gaming engine, which is used by other Tizen games like Roll a Marble. The idea of the game is to destroy castles by using a canon and then you can proceed to further levels.

After you have demolished a castle you get rewarded with medals which you can redeem in the canon store and buy wonderful things like armoured tanks, boom-boom-blaster tanks, attacking artillery, soft artillery, and Tanko-101. All these machines have their own characteristics of how they fire projectiles and makes it a more Interesting affair.

Top Game Features

  • High quality graphics
  • Easy gaming control
  • Collect Medallions to get extra points
  • Realistic background score
  • Adventurous game environment

The game is immediately available to download from the Tizen store and is only 16.5 MB.



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