Game: Popple Defense for Samsung Z3

  Popple Defense is an action arcade shooting game that has been launched into the Tizen Store for the Samsung Z3. Created by developer Doosoon Choi
Jan 27, 2016

Popple Defense is an action arcade shooting game which has been created by developer Doosoon Choi. The game has recently been launched into the Tizen Store and is now available for the Samsung Z3. You have to defeat computer parts attacking the earth! Use a Rocket punch and do not miss them! Very cute characters and an easy user interface! Popple Defence is suitable for all ages. In addition to this, it is compatible with Tizen 2.3.1+ but is not available for the Samsung Z1 at the moment. The file size is 7.00MB.


The game is available to download for the Samsung Z3 from the Tizen Store. There is currently no news on the availability for the Z1.

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