Game: Roll a Marble, Available for the Samsung Z1 and Z3

Jan 15, 2016

Roll a Marble is a motion controlled game that was created using the Unity gaming engine. The idea is to roll the the ball to get to the finishing line, all against the clock. You have to find and collect all coins and escort the tiny blue ball in the blue holes. You can use the keyboard, touch and g-sensor to control the white marble, and to change point of view with mouse or double touch. This game was created using the unity gaming engine.

Don't think you can simply pick up the Tizen smartphone and you will instantly bond with this game, this game is hard to play, but I'm told once you get used to it then it's ok. For me it was like I was using two left thumbs (two left feet).

In the short time I did try playing it, the game crashed a couple of times, so possibly another update or two could help it along the way. Luckily the app is downloadable for FREE from the Tizen Store, so either way you are not going to be out of pocket.



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