Kickstarter campaign to make your Gear S2 more customizable than it ever was!

This kickstarter campaign is designed to make customising the watch strap on the Gear S2 Sports edition a breeze, with a sport to common 22mm strap adapter.
Jan 26, 2016

Samsung's popular smartwatch, the Gear S2 comes in two design Variants and are named the Gear S2 Sports and the Gear S2 Classic. While Samsung provides customization for both the watches with different straps, Samsung seems to have messed up a bit in how they're connected to the watches. The Sports edition's straps are connected to the watch via a proprietary connector designed by Samsung. However, the Classic edition just like its deign elements has its straps connected the traditional way like normal watches using a spring bar. This makes interchanging of straps impossible between the two variants and bringing down the chances of someone owning a Sports edition to live with a silicon strap even at formal events where a leather or steel straps would do a better fitting. A kickstarter campaign is now up to address this specific issue allowing the Gear S2 Sports edition to get a whole new level of customization with the ability to connect to spring bar type straps.

As Gerhard Seidl, the brains behind this kickstarter campaign explains; He has designed this unique adapter called the S2SA- Sports To Strap Adapter that connects to the Sports edition Gear S2's proprietary connector on one end and has the traditional spring bar connector on the other essentially making it compatible with traditional straps. Gerhard has two design variants in mind; a straight version and a round version based on the type of straps the user wants to go with. Further, there are screwed connector versions for both the round and straight versions.
He has some initial 3D printed prototypes of the adapters to display along with a more finished designs in renders. The adapter will allow to use 20mm straps and Gerhard also claims that he is looking onto bringing another adapter in the future to connect to much smaller straps. The adapters will be coming in three stainless steel versions-

  • shiny polished stainless steel
  • stainless steel with a dark grey finish to match the dark grey version
  • stainless steel with a matted silver finish to match the silver version

A thing to remember before backing this kickstarter campaign is that, the money will be used only in the development of the product and does not guarantee you an adapter unless you back over €80. The Goal of the kickstarter is to reach €2700 and if this is exceeded by a huge extent, Gerhard claims it will bring down the cost of the final product to just about €30 to €50. So, if you are interested in the this project, head over to Kickstarter and back the development.

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