Samsung confirms 2015 Smart TVs to get Tizen OTA update, No evolution kit update needed

Samsung's 2015 range of Smart TVs will be upgraded to the new Tizen user Interface found in 2016 TV range via a firmware update. No Evolution kit change.
Jan 11, 2016

The Evolution kit series from Samsung had long been a life saver for its older HDTVs and helped them stay relevant for a few more years. For those unaware, Samsung's Evolution kit is a standalone device that had the processing power and other smart features of the more recent TVs and would connect to the older TVs to bring them to current gen standards giving them capabilities to play 4K content, connect to WiFi, MHL connectivity, etc.

This year however won't see a new iteration of the Evolution kit, stated Michael Zoeller, Vice President and Head of Visual Display at Samsung Electronics Europe. Samsung will instead be pushing out an OTA to its 2015 Tizen based Evolution kit giving it some of features that can be found on its 2016's range of TVs. Although not much details were given on what sort of features or services will make way into this ota, Zoeller confirmed that an official announcement will soon be out explaining about it.



Last week at CES in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled an array of products along with an upgrade to its SUHD TV in the form of a bezel less curved Quantum dots SUHD TV which now supports HDR. Samsung stated that its Tizen based TVs are now smarter than ever and can even recognize the devices connected to it like a console,set top box, home theatre system, etc and allow the user to control them all, right from the Smart Remote Control.

Samsung also announced that all its 2016 SUHD TVs will feature the IOT hub technology developed by Samsung with smartthings. This will essentially allow the SUHD TVs to connect to over 200 smartthings devices like doorbells, lamps,oven, etc. This might probably make its way into the aforementioned OTA update for the 2015 SUHD Evolution kits.

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