Samsung Announces new Smart TV User Experience and Tizen Smart Remote Control

Jan 5, 2016

Samsung has announced a new Smart TV user experience and Smart Hub for its Tizen 2016 TV range and also a new Samsung Smart Control remote. The new Smart Hub interface promises to more tightly Integrate with your existing content and services, allowing you to easily switch between them. There is also an updated search system that allows users to search multiple sources simultaneously.

“We wanted to offer consumers a new type of experience, integrating live TV with streaming services and other content sources,” said Chris Turkstra, Vice President of the Lab. “No longer will you need to keep track of several remotes to control individual devices. All you need is one Samsung Smart TV.”

The Tizen based Samsung Smart Control Remote allows you to control nearly all devices that are connected to the Smart TV. No need for separate remote now with the next generation remote that features automatic source recognition. Your set-top-boxes, OTT boxes, Blu-ray players, game consoles as well as other connected devices are automatically recognised.

Samsung has also recently announced the Integration of their SmartThings platform into their 2016 Smart TV lineup. You will be able to control your Smart Home Appliances as well as IoT devices, the SUHD TVs in will be able to act as the main hub fro your entire home.

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