Samsung Announces Upgraded Game Service for Its Smart TVs

Jan 1, 2016

Samsung Electronics announced that it is aiming to bring more than 400 streaming games and 100 downloadable games to their 2016 Samsung Smart TV Lineup. With some of the largest and best looking displays in the Industry, gamers will have an immersive experience and an excellent choice of gaming selection that Includes: Assassin’s Creed III, Batman: Arkham Origins, and The LEGO Movie Videogame from PlayStation Now.

“Samsung’s 2016 Smart TV lineup is a direct response to the expectation of consumers that their TVs should be more than just a device on which to watch content,” said Youngchan Kim, Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “The new Smart TV gaming service is just one feature of a TV that offers all-round entertainment. Our game offering will continue to expand, as Samsung partners with publishers of popular games.”

The upgraded gaming service will be showcased at CES 2016 and will expand on the current offering that is available in 43 countries with 4.5 million monthly users. We will see major improvements to the Playstation NOW service that is currently available in the US and Canada, and brings with it major titles like Mortal Kombat, The Last of Us: Left Behind, God of War III, BioShock 2 and Borderlands 2.

GameFly, a leading game streaming service, will also bring 100 console-game titles to the 2016 Samsung Smart TV. The service is currently available in 21 countries including Brazil, Mexico, U.S, Canada, and Europe. Most notable games include Revolt3, Deer Hunter, Eternity Warriors 3 and more.


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