Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator - Get closer to your family?

Jan 5, 2016


Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Get connected and get closer to your family - This seems like a pretty lofty claim by Samsung, but that is exactly what the company wants to achieve with their latest Smart Refrigerator.

More details have emerged today regarding Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator that is due to be officially announced later today. One of the most notable features is the 21.5-inch, 1080p display that brings the user experience to life.

Access your smart fridge remotely

You can use a dedicated app to remotely access your fridge and do crazy things like actually having a look inside to check what you need to stock up on. There is an Integrated camera inside the fridge dedicated to this role.

This can be handy if your at the Supermarket and want to check whats lurking at home. You can actually put virtual labels on the items and set expiration times. The fridge will also be accessible using the SmartThings app and platform.

Family Communication

You can use the massive screen on the refrigerator to enable better communications between family members. With Sticki, you can update diaries and check each other's schedules and location on a map, or leave each other messages in real time, so you're always on the same page.

It will be Interesting to see this functionality first hand to really be able to see how useful it really is.

Kitchen Entertainment

As we have seen previously you will be able to access media that lives on your network or that can be remotely stream. Access music, videos, pictures and more directly from the fridge.

There are a range of Entertainment Apps and also a Integrated high quality 4W speaker. You don't need any other devices to play music, watch videos, stream non-stop radio and watch TV.

There are lots more news items to come, so keep following Tizen Experts 🙂

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