Samsung Gear Manager Updated to Version 2.2.16011842 for Tizen Smartwatches

Jan 25, 2016

Today, Samsung have released an update to the Android Gear Manager app, taking it to version 2.2.16011842. We did once upon a time get quite regular updates to the Gear Manager App, but the last one was back in November, which took us to version 2.2.15111841.

There is no changelog available, but there are no new features that we can see so that would suggest that it is a general maintenance release for both Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and also non-Samsung Smartphones. One thing we have noticed it that it now shows you the battery percentage left of your Smartwatch on the About page. If you find any other features, then please let us know in the comments.



Manual Update

If you have not got a notification to update your Gear Manager App then you can manually update it via Samsung Galaxy Apps.

  • Launch Samsung Galaxy Apps
  • Select top left hand side menu button
  • Select purchased
  • Select the Gear Manager application to update
  • Press Update


You can find the details on how to Install to Samsung Galaxy and non-Samsung Galaxy smartphones here for details.

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