Video: Gear S2 wants to make you a better bowler with the SlamdunQ Cricket app

The SlamdunQ Cricket app is now available for the Gear S2. The app lets you monitor Wrist rotation, Arm rotation, Angle of release, Run up speed and more
Jan 22, 2016

Yesterday, the Gear S2 was finally launched in India, with a starting price of Rs. 24300. With so many Tizen Indian developers, this was a market that needed the S2. What else does this market need? Well a popular Game developer company best known for their Cricket and Golf mobile games is now bringing a an app called the SlamdunQ Cricket to the Gear S2.

The app makes use of the Gear S2's motion sensors like the Gyroscope and Accelerometer to monitor a person while Bowling (in Cricket obviously) and feedback valuable stats like Wrist rotation, Arm rotation, Angle of release, Run up speed and also has a Virtual coach built in to guide you on making necessary changes to get the ball zooming through that centre wicket everytime. The app also uses the data from your bowling action to simulate an "action replay" on the smartphone paired with the Gear S2.

It comes as no surprise that the Slamdunq Cricket app comes just days after the Gear S2 launch in India where the game of Cricket is treated like a religion. With a Cricket coaching institute that exists on almost every single playground in the country with children of all ages in Whites trying their best to make into the future 11 of the National team, the SalmdanQ app could be seen as a reason in higher adoption rates of the Gear S2 in India. Although the app will  be available worldwide, there's no hiding on where SlamdunQ's main focus will be at.

The app is available for free right now on Google Play Store for your Android device, and also the Gear Store for the S2. With India currently losing 4-0 against Australia, theres certainly a need for better bowlers and maybe this app could make you one of them.



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