Video: SmartThings can now Integrate with your BMW Car

SmartThings, Samsung's platform to connect to smart devices in your smart home, has announced a new Integration with your BMW Car. Monitor your smart home
Jan 7, 2016


SmartThings connects to BMW cars

SmartThings, Samsung's platform to connect to smart devices in your smart home, has announced a brand new integration that will enable their platform to control and monitor your smart home from your BMW. You are also able to control certain functions of your car from the SmartThings App. At CES 2016 it was announced that Samsung 2016 TVs could connect to the SmartThings platform, so you could potentially connect to your BMW via your TV, now that has to be something unique.

Whilst in your car you can trigger preset and custom Routines, like selecting a Goodbye routine which sets your home thermostat and locks the door. You can get important alerts about what’s happening in and around your home through the Smart Home Monitor feature of SmartThings–all on your BMW in-car display. You even have the ability to see who's home and give them a call if need be.

Below is a video that demonstrates how this setup can be part of your everyday lives:


In order for you to obtain the SmartThing Integration, you need a 2013 (or newer) BMW that has the ConnectedDrive Services feature. Your BMW dealership will be able to advise further on how you use this service.

BMW will also provide additional control features at a later date that will allow you to access your BMW as a Thing within the SmartThings app. You will then be able to access Information like mileage, range, battery charge state, location, and whether any car doors are open. Additionally you can control the A/C, honk the horn, lock/unlock the doors, turn on its lights, and incorporate these actions into custom Routines or SmartApps.

You can see an Infographic that details how you can monitor and control your Smart Home from anywhere.

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