Video: Tasker now accessible on the Gear S2 via the TaskS2 App

You can now access the Android Tasker app on your Gear S2 smartwatch using the TaskerS2 app. Access the IFTTT platform to access over 250 services.
Jan 5, 2016

Tasker is an application that is well known and established on Android smartphones which lets you schedule / automate a variety of tasks, that can be based on running applications, the day, events, location, a particular state or the time. For instance you can automate a text message to be sent when you arrive / leave a particular location.

Now the Tasker functionality has been extended to the Gear S2 via the TaskS2 app. You can now access and control your smartphone remotely and trigger all sorts of events. The TaskerS2 app is free but you do have to pay for the Android companion app which is $0.99. Also you need the Android Tasker app pre-installed and that is not free either and downloadable from the Google Play Store.

You can also connect to the If This Then That service (IFTTT) and access over 250 additional services, and potentially control them from your wrist. Connecting out into the Internet and potentially controlling Internet of Things (IoT) devices makes for an exciting proposition.

Below is a reasonably lengthy video showing some of the possibilities:



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