Tizen Smart Fridge

Samsung has released a couple of teaser videos showing off something with a massive screen that you can See the weather, calendar (for all family members), and pictures. You can also watch movies and stream music from Pandora and most likely other popular music streaming services. You can also leave digital “Sticki” notes for your family if you so wish ?


Another breakthrough that we have all been waiting for, and it looks like its almost here, Online grocery shopping from the comfort of your own fridge. There is no news at the moment if it uses Integrated sensors that keep track of your perishables, but ordering is a task that is easier to do with a large screen. How large of a screen? Looking at the banners it would be a fair guess to think its at least a 24″ ultra wide touch enabled panel.

At the Samsung Developer Conference last year and the one before it in Shanghai 2014, we saw Samsung Active Share in a Tizen Smart Home, with media shared from your Tizen TV and Smart Phone directly to your Tizen Smart Fridge (video further down).

Teaser Video 1


Teaser Video 2


Teaser Video 3


Samsung Active Share in a Tizen Smart Home




We will get you all the details as soon as we have them. Keep following Tizen Experts