Video: Samsung KS9500 SUHD TV Hands on, the new Tizen Smart Hub

At CES 2016 Samsung has unveiled a new Tizen Smart Hub, User Interface and SmartThings IoT capabilities that makes the TV your IoT Hub. Check out the Demo.
Jan 12, 2016

Samsung is certainly taking the lead with the Smart TV category with all the innovations that they have announced at CES 2016. The companies upcoming 2016 range will feature a newly designed Tizen Smart TV user Interface and the ability to connect to SmartThings devices, such as Locks, lights, thermostats etc. You can do things like select cinema mode, that will make your TV enter the cinema mode color setting and then dim the lights in the room, ready for an evening of movie viewing.

The TVs are designed to be part of your environment, so for instance if someone rings the doorbell the front door camera will show on the TV. This can also show as a picture-in-picture setting and can be useful for things like a baby monitor as well.

As on previous Samsung TVs, Smartphone users will have the ability to share their media content from their phone directly onto the big screen. You will also be able to do tech gadget type stuff like using your Gear S2 Smartwatch to control the volume with the bezel, and also cue music and photos etc to the TV.

The new Tizen Smart Hub will feature customisable app tiles located at the bottom of the screen, and when a particular app has been highlighted you will be able to see your related content from within that app displayed directly above it. You can also Integrate your different sources into this same location, effectively bringing together all your content, and all of your connected devices can be controlled via the Samsung smart controller remote.

Below is a demonstration of some of these features on a KS9500 Tizen Smart TV:

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