Video: Groceries by MasterCard on the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Jan 8, 2016


Samsung's newest $5000 Smart Family Hub Refrigerator has been making quite a lot of noise around the tech community for being "Cool" inside out. The major reason for that was due to the humongous 21.5 inch 1080p display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass mounted on to its door. While this fridge tablet (due to the lack of a better term to call it) can playback multimedia content and control home automation devices using its built in WiFi and even act as a Bluetooth speaker to play music from other devices. A more practical use for it will be on its way thanks to MasterCard.


Since the number of startups are rising in the online groceries market, MasterCard are taking full advantage of it and the fridge tablet from Samsung by announcing a new service called Groceries by MasterCard. This app based service from MasterCard, as you can guess by the name will allow the user to order groceries right from the fridge where most of those groceries will be stored in.

To recall from the announcement of the Smart Hub Family Refrigerator at CES, Las Vegas, Samsung stated that the fridge has a number of cameras inside it that will take pictures of the contents of the fridge and display it on the 21.5 inch screen (and to other connected devices), so that the user doesn't have to open the door (and probably distort the temperature balance) and decide on what to order if the stocks go down. The Fridge also has the capability to send information about the status of the content to any android or ios devices on a dedicated app.


Initially on the launch of the Smart Fridge, only two online grocery stores namely Freshdirect and ShopRite will be available on MasterCard's service and will eventually roll out to more Grocers stated Betty DeVita, Chief commercial officer for MasterCard.

With Segways to takeover walking and Fridges that order groceries, people will sure have to find alternate ways to workout but for the upcoming connected device era, there seems to be no limit for the possibilities that we're already excited to cover about.

You can read more details about the Smart Family Hub Refrigerator from here.

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